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HVAC, Water Heater and Home Improvement Services in Mason, OH

When it comes to providing heating and cooling solutions for your home or business, you need to make sure that you hire a professional who can get the job done right the first time around. At Home Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we provide a wide range of residential and commercial HVAC, water heater and home improvement services. We employ trained and skilled technicians, and we use only high quality equipment. Call us today for exceptional customer service or schedule a visit online.

Do You Need Professional Heating Services?

If you find that your heating system no longer functions as well as it should, then just let us know. We offer comprehensive heater services throughout the Mason, OH area, including repair and maintenance. We can also outfit your home with a new heater, be it a boiler, furnace, fireplace or geothermal system. Just let us know what you need so that we can get started on your heating service.

Does it fail to provide adequate heat for your entire home? When it comes to resolving problems with your heating system, just give us a call. Our heating repair service is available day and night.

They are energy efficient and they don’t dry out the air like forced heating systems. Our boiler service will ensure that your system is installed and running properly so that it works well for years to come.

Whether you need a gas furnace or an electric furnace, we can make sure that your system is appropriately sized and that it works perfectly for years to come. We install and service quality furnaces.

We also specialize in the installation, replacement, repair and maintenance of fireplaces. Whether you’re interested in a new system or you want to make certain that your existing one works properly for years to come, just let us know.

A geothermal heating and cooling system uses the moderate temperature of the ground underneath our feet to absorb and dissipate thermal energy. Geothermal heating and geothermal cooling systems are complete packages that can keep you comfortable year–round without high cost energy bills.

Reliable Air Conditioning Services in Mason, OH

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you should reach out to us. We offer a wide range of cooling systems for installation and replacement, and we can also provide repair and maintenance services for your existing AC. Our air conditioning services emphasize quality above all else, and we aim to keep you cool all summer long. Whether you need a quick fix or a new system installed from scratch, we’re here for you.

When it comes to fixing your air conditioner, we’re the company to call. Our AC repair service is available day or night and we aim to provide exceptional service at all times. Call Home Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today for air conditioning repair.

If you want your AC to work properly, then it needs to be maintained at regular intervals. Our air conditioning maintenance service includes comprehensive cleaning, adjustment and inspection, so that your cooling system works just as it should, year round. With regular air conditioning tune–up services, not only can you trust that your system will last longer, but you’ll also help to improve efficiency and save the amount of energy the system uses.

Ductless air conditioning is a great way to ensure that your summer comfort does not come at such a high cost. We install and service ductless air conditioners throughout the Mason, OH area.

Indoor Air Quality is More Important Than You May Have Thought

While you may be focused solely on temperature during the winter and summer, your indoor air quality is just as important to the comfort of your home. We offer a number of different products and services that can drastically improve the quality of air that you breathe inside, including air purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers as well as duct cleaning.

Air purifiers work by charging noxious particles as they pass through your ductwork, thus causing them to adhere to a collector plate or cell within the device. We install and service air purifiers.

If you find that your home suffers from humidity problems, then you should take action straightaway. We offer a generous selection of quality humidifiers and dehumidifiers so that your entire home can be optimized to a peak comfort level you enjoy best.

Over time, you may find that your air ducts no longer function as effectively as they should. This could be due to an accumulation of dust and debris within your system. We offer comprehensive air duct cleaning service through Mason.

Are You in Need of a Water Heater Installation Or Repair?

Whether you’re in the market for a new water heater, or your existing model needs to be fixed at a moment’s notice, we can provide all of the water heater services that you could possibly require, from installation to replacement, and repair to maintenance. We offer both tank and tankless systems, and our technicians are always available to take care of any repairs you may need. Water heaters are critical to our lives, but they must be professionally serviced at all times.

A tankless water heater works on–demand to ensure that you have sufficient hot water throughout your plumbing system. We install and service quality tankless water heaters.

Call Us for Home Improvement Services

In addition to our extensive HVAC and water heater services, we also specialize in home improvement. Whether you need to replace your roofing with new shingles, put in a couple of windows, or your front door needs replacement, we can oblige you with expert service. We employ a team of dedicated home improvement specialists who are eager to get started on your next remodeling project. Call us today.

Your roof is undoubtedly one of the most critical parts of your home. We provide exceptional roofing services, including installation, replacement and repair.

Windows provide light and natural ventilation to your home, but they need to be energy efficient and installed correctly to function. We provide windows installation and replacement services for our customers.

Whether you need a new front door or your interior doors need to be replaced, we can oblige you with expert service. We offer excellent door installation and replacement services.

Do You Need Commercial HVAC Services?

Does your business have what it needs to ensure that your customers remain cool during the summer and warm during the winter? As a leading provider of commercial HVAC services in the Mason area, we can make certain that it does. We understand that running a business can be challenging enough. Let our experts provide excellent commercial heating and cooling services for you.

Call us today for more information regarding our HVAC, water heater and home improvement services.