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Air Conditioning Maintenance Services near Dayton, OH

Without a doubt, the only way to keep your professionally installed whole house air conditioner in good working order throughout its years of service is to have it professionally maintained. We offer comprehensive air conditioning maintenance services throughout the Dayton, Ohio area for all system makes and models, including central air units, ductless cooling systems, heat pumps and geothermal systems. Such large HVAC systems need to be inspected regularly so that any problems can be caught immediately and so that your system works just as it should. And we can do just that.

Your cooling is too important to put at risk. Don’t waste time with amateur services and DIY enthusiasm. If you want to protect the investment that your AC represents, and make sure that you reap the various benefits of a whole house AC, then just give us a call. We’ll be happy to sign you up for our routine air conditioning maintenance plan or take care of your maintenance needs on a more occasional basis. We employ highly experienced and certified technicians who are committed to your absolute satisfaction, no matter how large or small the job may be. We’d be happy to run you through what our preferred customer agreement entails as well as the many benefits that it offers to you and your home. Call us today.

Home Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers quality air conditioning maintenance near Dayton, OH and the surrounding areas.

What to Expect with Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance

Professional air conditioning maintenance includes a wide range of tasks, including inspection, cleaning and any necessary adjustments. Here is our basic checklist for checking up on the average air conditioning system:

  • Clean condenser coil
  • Check electrical connections
  • Adjust system for optimum cooling
  • Check for oil and refrigerant leaks
  • Check safety devices
  • Check blower for tension and alignment
  • Check coil temperature
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Blow out condensate drain
  • Lubricate as needed
  • Clean coil with coil cleaner
  • Vacuum inside unit
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Visual duct inspection
  • Check supply voltage

We aim to offer an exhaustive service so as to help restore maximum efficiency to your system. We want to make sure that your cooling system works well not only this summer but also for those to come. All you have to is take advantage of this cost–effective service in order to reap the most from your central air unit, heat pump, geothermal system or ductless mini split.

The Benefits of Hiring Us for AC Maintenance Service

There are numerous benefits to having your air conditioner routinely maintained. For one, when your system is regularly cleaned and adjusted, it works just as intended. You won’t have to worry about whether your system is running at peak efficiency with us at the helm. In fact, not only will your system operate better, but it will also do so at greater efficiency, which ultimately leads to savings on your seasonal electricity bills in the long term. What’s more, keeping your system clean also substantially reduces the chance that your system will require premature repair or replacement. And while we’d be happy to assist you with a full AC system replacement or AC repair, the best way to prevent that in the first place is routine maintenance. 

Call Home Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today if you want excellent air conditioning maintenance services near Dayton. You can also request a quote online or schedule a service visit.